About Us

With years of experience in Freight clearing & forwarding, shipping, and Supply Chain Freight Logistics, we are known for offering reliable and efficient services worldwide.

Your Trusted Global Logistics Partner

Established in 2015, Regional Cargo Logistics Limited stands as a cornerstone in Kenyan Freight Clearing and Forwarding. Our ethos centers around delivering clearing and forwarding solutions that epitomize flexibility, speed, and efficiency. With a robust background spanning years of expertise in Freight clearing & forwarding, shipping, and Supply Chain Freight Logistics, Regional Cargo Logistics has garnered acclaim for its dependable and effective services worldwide.

Our unwavering dedication revolves around the meticulous management of your freight, ensuring a seamless customs clearance process. At Regional Cargo, customer service isn’t just a department; it’s the essence of our operation. We are committed to providing each client with a bespoke experience, meticulously tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Precision is the cornerstone of our approach; we meticulously handle every aspect of your cargo, leaving no room for error. Courtesy underscores every interaction; our team prides itself on fostering relationships built on respect and professionalism. Efficiency is ingrained in our DNA; we streamline processes to deliver results swiftly without compromising quality. Integrity forms the bedrock of our values; we uphold the highest ethical standards in every transaction. Quality service isn’t just a goal; it’s our promise; we strive to exceed expectations at every turn. Professionalism permeates every facet of our operation; our team comprises seasoned experts who execute their duties with finesse and expertise.

At Regional Cargo Logistics, we don’t just move freight; we orchestrate journeys, ensuring each shipment arrives at its destination seamlessly. Our commitment to precision, courtesy, efficiency, integrity, quality service, and professionalism remains unwavering, setting us apart as a trusted partner in global logistics solutions.

Our Mission

To be a cornerstone in the logistics sector, delivering flexible, efficient solutions with precision, courtesy, and unwavering professionalism worldwide.

Our Vision

We boldly strive to redefine industry standards, pioneering trends, and delivering tailored services that surpass expectations. With cutting-edge logistics solutions, we confidently lead the market, setting a new benchmark for excellence and innovation.

Our Promise

At Regional Cargo, our primary aim is to deliver exceptional services while safeguarding your valuable time and money. Through our exclusive partnerships with top carriers and key stakeholders in logistics, we secure special rates, confirmed space for every booking, and handle all necessary documentation. Rest assured, we pass on these benefits to you, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process that exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable rates: we provide affordable rates on all our services giving our clients value for their money.
  • Quick turnaround time- we provide quick and efficient logistics services guaranteeing timely delivery of goods.
  • Free consultation- with a team of highly qualified professionals, we provide free consultation on everything that concerns the transportation of goods.
  • After sales services- Apart from our core activities, we provide after-sales services such as delivering goods to your desired location, anywhere countrywide.
  • Free quotation- Our team is always at hand to provide free quotes even after working hours.
  • World class customer service- our team is always quick to respond to queries and any other matters you might need assistance with.

What we do

We work closely with our valued clients and pride ourselves in fully understanding the market dynamics and freight logistics the car import industry requires.

Our Services