Air & Sea Cargo Customs Clearance

In our Air & Sea Cargo Customs Clearance services, we collaborate closely with valued clients, leveraging our deep understanding of the car import industry's market dynamics and freight logistics to ensure a seamless and precise customs clearance process.

At Regional Cargo Logistics, our expertise in customs clearance extends seamlessly to air and sea cargo, ensuring the swift and compliant movement of goods across international borders. Navigating the complexities of customs procedures for air and sea shipments, our declarants and operations team are well-versed in the specific intricacies of each industry.
Our meticulous approach begins with a comprehensive pre-assessment of documents, guaranteeing the accurate and timely preparation of shipping documents in strict adherence to regulations. Leveraging our well-established partnerships with government agencies, we streamline bureaucratic clearance processes at all entry points across Kenya.

Key features of our Air & Sea Cargo Customs Clearance services include:

i. Efficient Motor Clearance Services:
– Streamlining the customs clearance process for motorized vehicles transported via air or sea.

ii. Import/Export Customs Clearance Service with KRA:
– Facilitating smooth customs clearance for both imports and exports, working closely with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to ensure compliance.

iii. Registration with Relevant Authorities (NTSA):
– Managing the registration process with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to meet regulatory requirements.

iv. Customs Evaluation of Merchandise:
– Conducting thorough customs evaluations to ensure accurate declarations and compliance with customs regulations.

v. Import Duty & Tax Assessment:
– Expert assessment of import duties and taxes, ensuring transparency and compliance with applicable regulations.

vi. Classification of Goods:
– Accurate classification of goods to facilitate smooth customs processing.

vii. Customs Surveying:
– Conducting surveys as needed to assess and address any customs-related challenges or requirements.

viii. Import/Export Permissions of Controlled Goods:
– Securing the necessary permissions for the import or export of controlled goods, ensuring full compliance with regulations.

ix. Consultancy Services:
– Providing expert consultancy services to guide clients through the customs clearance process, offering insights and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

x. Transit Customs Handling:
– Managing customs procedures efficiently for goods in transit, ensuring a seamless movement from entry points to the final destination.
Trust Regional Cargo Logistics for unparalleled expertise in Air & Sea Cargo Customs Clearance, where efficiency, compliance, and timely delivery are our priorities.

  • Streamlined customs clearance for air and sea cargo of motor vehicles.
  • Collaborative optimization of car specifications and budget within air and sea cargo logistics.
  • Consultation on suitable car choices and adherence to Kenya customs regulations.
  • Guidance on Motor Vehicle Importation procedures, including IDF application.
  • Expert calculation of car age to comply with customs regulations.
  • Facilitation of pre-importation certifications for motor vehicles.
  • Coordination of seamless car shipping logistics for air and sea cargo.
  • Application and processing of Import Declaration Forms (IDF) for efficient clearance.
  • Accurate calculation of duties and taxes for air and sea cargo.
  • Qualification and application for exemptions related to motor vehicle importation.
  • Registration of cars with relevant authorities, including NTSA.
  • Customs evaluation and classification of merchandise for air and sea cargo.
  • Provision of consultancy services for a smooth customs clearance process.
  • Surveys to address customs-related challenges and requirements.
  • Expert handling of import and export permissions for controlled goods.
  • Post-clearance maintenance services for ongoing compliance.
  • Timely and secure delivery of motor vehicles following successful clearance.
Our ideology is based on the ability to provide clearing and forwarding services that are flexible, fast, and efficient.

Our Services

Car Importation & Clearance

We work closely with our valued clients and pride ourselves in fully understanding the market dynamics and freight logistics the car import industry requires.

Customs Clearance

We have a long withstanding relationship with government agencies ensuring you evade all the bureaucratic processes involved in clearing your goods.

Freight Forwarding

As a clearing and forwarding company, we consolidate our services from the point of origin, customs clearance up to delivery, giving you a seamless transit service.

Logistics Consultation

Our highly qualified professionals provide information about all the required permits during export & import operations.

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