Ex-Gk/Returning resident/Disabled Ownership Transfer

"For those transitioning as ex-GK/returning residents or individuals with disabilities, Regional Cargo Logistics provides specialized assistance in motor vehicle ownership transfers, ensuring a seamless process tailored to specific needs and circumstances."

At Regional Cargo Logistics, we understand the unique circumstances of individuals transitioning as ex-GK/returning residents or those with disabilities. Our dedicated team offers personalized support throughout the motor vehicle ownership transfer process, navigating regulations and paperwork with precision and care. Whether it’s facilitating the return of a resident or accommodating the needs of a disabled individual, we prioritize efficiency and sensitivity to ensure a smooth transition for all clients. Trust Regional Cargo Logistics to handle your ownership transfer needs with professionalism and compassion.

Our ideology is based on the ability to provide clearing and forwarding services that are flexible, fast, and efficient.

Our Services

Car Importation & Clearance

We work closely with our valued clients and pride ourselves in fully understanding the market dynamics and freight logistics the car import industry requires.

Customs Clearance

We have a long withstanding relationship with government agencies ensuring you evade all the bureaucratic processes involved in clearing your goods.

Freight Forwarding

As a clearing and forwarding company, we consolidate our services from the point of origin, customs clearance up to delivery, giving you a seamless transit service.

Logistics Consultation

Our highly qualified professionals provide information about all the required permits during export & import operations.

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